We strive to do this in an environment for kids that is age-appropriate, engaging, fun and centered on Biblical Truth. We also want to partner with families by offering resources that you can use at home that continue the conversations we have on Sundays and Wednesdays.  



We are passionate about safety and security for all children.  On your first visit, we'll walk you through our check-in procedures. We have trained and screened leaders who want to get to know your child and your family and help in any way possible. If you have dietary restrictions, medical concerns or any other special needs, we will partner with your family in a specific ways to determine the best environment for your child.

SWAG Stands for Super Worship Arts, Awana and Games! 


SWAG is a fun and active time where kids learn about worship arts and music exploration at a level that's just for kids their age!  They also have time learning Bible verses and how those scriptures apply to their lives.  And we can't forget our high energy game time where kids learn through teamwork and have a great time!

SWAG meets each Wednesday from 6pm-7:15pm! The cost for kids (grades 1-5) is $30 per child. This includes the cost for their awesome shirt they wear each week and for performances, their listening CD for music your entire family will love and their AWANA book which leads them through scripture.  For each additional child per family, the cost is $25. For ages 3 - Kindergarten.

On Sundays, small groups begin at 9AM. During this time, children are taught God’s truth through a variety of fun ways.

At 10:30AM, your child will start the Worship Hour with you to sing praises, hear what is happening in the life of MBC, and participate in the variety of experiences.

During the Worship Hour, the kids are dismissed to Kids Worship (Grades k-5) for a deeper discussion of what they learned in Small Groups. This time is boisterous and filled with activity - just like your kids!  Parents are always welcome to check it out and will come and pick up their kids after Worship Hour is complete.

Our midweek time with kids is called SWAG - Super Worship Arts AWANA and Games. SWAG starts at 6pm and ends at 7:15pm. This action-packed time with kids begins with your kid learning about music and most importantly, what God says about it!  Your child will have the opportunity to lead in worship and song several times throughout the year!  

Another part of our SWAG time is AWANA! AWANA is an acrostic that stands for Approved Workman Are Not Ashamed.  During this time, kids memorize the Word of God, learn to play together and we revisit our themes and lessons we worked on the previous Sunday.  During the year, they earn rewards for which they are recognized in a Closing Ceremony at the end of the school year.