Hurricane Irma

Update: September 14 at 11:58 AM

"Lord my God, I will praise you forever. You turned my lament into dancing and you clothed me with gladness."  - Psalm 30

Our Mandarin family gathered last night, reveling in the good gladness of our God.  It was a sweet night of worship and shared life together.


  • This weekend, we return to our normal scheduling in hopes that we share an experience together with an extraordinary God 
  • Mandarin Groups  - 9 AM
  • Mandarin Worship Gathering - 10:30 AM

Serving our People; Serving the City

  • Our deacons have been in contact with our widows and teams have been serving those needs.
  • Small Group Leaders have been making contact with their groups and serving one another as needed.
  • Stories abound of neighbors serving neighbors.  These are beautiful stories of God’s grace and goodness through His people.   
  • Our Mandarin Family distributed funds through SEND RELIEF this week, which will provide for those in the most hard hit areas of both Texas and Florida.
  • Sunday Morning, we will share a practical way that we might encourage the 700+ displaced families due to flooding in the City of Jacksonville.
  • Teams continue to clean up debris as we serve where we live.

Guatemala Team

After experiencing an earthquake, two hurricanes, travel challenges, cancelled flights and rented vehicles… our Mission Team has returned to Jacksonville.  Not only that, they have returned with a sense of joy in mission, trust in the sovereign hand of God and an ever-increasing love for what God is doing for His global good and His glory.


We are a beautifully generous people, which is the normal way of life for those who follow Jesus. We did not gather last weekend and we’ve been asked about how to give to Mandarin’s ministry budget. As you know, cancelling our weekend gathering had significant impact on our church ministry budget. You can come alongside our Mandarin family financially by giving on-line ( or during our worship gathering on Sunday, the 17th.